Duke spring 2013 - Original Story

Photo by Rob Cordosi

Photo by Rob Cordosi

Duke was taken into our rescue from a local area shelter after being turned in by his owner.  He is only 3-1/2 years old and is going to need lots of TLC and medical attention.  Duke has a very bad case of Demodex mange and is about 30 pounds underweight.  He may have lost almost all his hair, but Duke has a very sweet personality and will steal your heart quickly! 

Duke will be on medication for the mange for at least 3 months.  He has pyoderma (a skin infection) and his feet are swollen.  He has been put on a high quality nutritious food so he can slowly start gaining some weight back.  Duke also must have special medicated baths every 2 to 3 days; the shampoo is expensive and he is going to need a good supply of it.

Duke is wearing a coat or T-shirt to help keep his naked body warm.  He just loves attention!

Please consider making a donation to help Duke in his recovery.   Every donation will help make a difference in the Duke's life. 

We will be documenting his progress and posting updates about Duke frequently so please check back on his recovery.   When he is ready, Duke will need a loving forever home.


Update:  End of First Week in rescue.  Duke has gained a few pounds and is feeling much better.  His skin looks a tiny bit better and he is a bit less itchy.   

Thank you for all the donations we have received so far, but please do continue to donate to our rescue.  Duke has months of rehab coming and all our foster Danes need donations to help with their care.   



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