Layla 2017




Hit by a car!   

Layla is a female Great Dane estimated to be about 3 to 5 years old.  On October 26, Virginia Beach Animal Control responded to a call about a Great Dane being hit by a car.  When the animal control officer arrived on scene, they found an adult Great Dane suffering with extensive critical injuries.  Layla had deep wounds to the leg and hip, large cut on the head and her tail was completely battered.  Animal control obtained emergency care for Layla to stabilize her. 

In pain and confused, Layla had to have her tail amputated, head wound stapled closed, leg and hip wounds cleaned.  She also developed pneumothorax (air trapped in the chest cavity which causes lung collapse) and had to be tapped to release the air. 

Today, November 6, she was transferred to Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth for continued emergent treatment and rehab.  
Layla is currently at an emergency vet.  She is being examined further and we have the first estimate of what will be a long road to recovery.  

Your help is needed!


Layla's recovery will take time.  So far, we know she needs: 

- Surgical debridement and wound care for her lacerations with potential need for skin grafts

- Surgical repair of a mouth injury/fistula by a dental specialist

- Daily wound changes which requires a trip to the vet due to the extensive nature and location of injuries

- Spay surgery when healthy enough

Layla has a long way to go and needs your help!   Updates are also available on our Youcaring page.

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