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Misha is a 2-year-old female Great Dane with natural ears and mantle coloring.  She is up-to-date on her immunizations, heart worm prevention and has already been spayed.

She enjoys counter surfing and has the talent of finding anything that she isn't supposed to have so
puppy proofing is a must for any new family!  Misha loves going on her daily walks and car ride as well as playing in the back yard with her best friend, a 60 pound lab mix.  When she's not searching for socks or counter surfing she enjoys lounging on the dog couch or a well padded dog bed.

Click photo for enlarged view.   (Photos by Rob Cordosi)

Misha's ideal family will have the time, love, and patience to dedicate to her continued development both in training and medical, because Misha has been x-rayed and has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We have been told that she may need surgery at some point to maintain her quality of life. 

Other Dogs: Older stable
dogs, no young ones
because of her hips.

Cats:  Unknown

Children:  Older, must
know Misha's physical limits

Special:  Therapy, hip

Misha is currently receiving therapy to help strengthen her muscles and relieve stress on her hips and knees.  She receives therapeutic exercises, massages, vitamin and joint supplements, as well as occasional laser therapy.   She's a happy dog, but takes a bit of time to warm up to you at first. 


Update:  June 2013

Misha turned 2 in August and has blossomed into a sweet loving family member. She still loves car rides, walks, and playing in the back yard. The jolly ball is her favorite outdoor toy and she will occasionally fetch and bring it back. The crate is her sanctuary and she enjoys hanging out in it with the door open. Like most Danes she wants to be where her people are and likes to be within sight of them. The foster home does have a dog couch and since the day Misha moved in you can find her on it regardless of how many other dogs occupy it. It does take time for Misha to warm up to new people and new dogs but for those with the patience it is well worth it.


Adoption Application (to Print and mail or fax to 1-866-456-9672)