Phaeton - ADOPTED

Phaeton  - ADOPTED

Phaeton was recently adopted by his foster family and is doing very well in his recovery! 


Phaeton recently was surrendered to GDROC on an emergency basis.  He had to have extensive surgery to repair a completely fractured femur (thigh) bone after he jumped out the window of a moving pickup truck.  His owner could not afford care and decided to surrender him to our rescue.   Since treatment was delayed a few days after the accident, the surgery was more complicated.

Phaeton came through surgery in good condition, but spent several days at the vet hospital afterwards.  As you can imagine, this surgery was pretty expensive at around $2700.   In the x-rays below, you can see that Phaeton now has 3 large pins and some wires in his leg, along with almost 50 staples to close the surgical incision.  Since Phaeton is only 3-1/2 months old, we are very concerned about the growth process.  It is possible Phaeton may need another surgery in the future.  He is also going to need very extensive physical therapy to help facilitate normal movement in that leg. 


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UPDATE:  June 2013

Phaeton has been recovering nicely, had his surgical pins removed recently and is doing very well.  He is still on restricted activity while he heals but has a good spirit!

The best news ever!  Phaeton's foster parents have fallen in love with him and will be adopting him!! 


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