Surrendering Your Great Dane



IMPORTANT:  We cannot take dogs with a bite history or a history of aggression. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of surrendering your Dane to rescue, please read the following information and be prepared to answer these questions when we speak with you.

1.  Where do you live (city)?

2.  Name, age, sex of your Great Dane.

3.  Is your dog a purebred Great Dane?

4.  Has your dog been spayed or neutered?

5.  Why are you considering surrendering your Dane?

6.  What issues are you having that prompted this call?

7.  How long have these issues been occurring?

8.  Does the dog currently live with other dogs?  cats?  small children?  older children?

9.  What have you done to try and correct the issue?  Have you called or worked with a trainer?

10.  How soon does the dog need to be surrendered?