Adoption Info & Available Danes


Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth is completely run by volunteers.  We are based out of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area of Virginia. 

We adopt to mostly the Southeastern Virginia region.  Due to our limited number of volunteers, most adoptions occur within 90 miles of the Norfolk area. 

We do not have a physical location as all of our Danes are fostered in individual homes.  If you would like to meet our available Danes, please stop by one of our Meet & Greet events.


1.   No GDROC Dane will be placed in a home which intends to house the Dane outside or currently houses a dog outside.

2.   All adoption individuals must be at least 21 years of age.

3.   We do not adopt to families with children under the age of 5.

4.    Applicants are required to have a fenced in yard;  invisible fences are not acceptable as the only means of containing a dog.

5.  All current pets (dogs and cats) in the home must be spayed/neutered.  

6.   All Danes under the age of 6 years will be required to complete an obedience course within 6 months of adoption and provide proof of this to the rescue.

7.   If you rent your property, we require a written letter and contact information from your landlord giving
permission for you to own a Great Dane.  Please email this to us after you complete the online application.  Email to

8.   GDROC retains the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason and at any stage of the application process.  We must look out for the best interest of the Danes.  We take placement very seriously.


ADOPTION FEES **As of 8/3/2019**

Danes under 1 year  $ 450
Danes 1-4 years old $ 400
Danes 5-6 years old $ 225
Danes 7+ years old  $ 150

Upon accepting a Dane into our rescue, GDROC assumes all responsibility for the Dane.  Most dogs who come in are in need of some type of medical attention – whether it be spay/neuter, vaccinations, injury care, or medical attention for an existing condition.  In some cases, we also send Danes through professional training to help resolve their issues.  We sometimes spend $1500 or more on a Dane and yet only ask, at most, $450 for the adoption fee. The adoption fees, along with community donations, help us continue to provide care for the next group of Danes coming in. 



1.   You must reside within our adoption area – Southeastern Virginia or Northeastern North Carolina, usually within 90 miles of  the Norfolk area.  Limited exceptions may be made depending on location and availability to get a house check done.

2.   Complete the application.  An online application link is noted below.  There is a $20 application fee, which may be paid by check (email us for address)  or pay online using the donation button.  This fee must be paid before we will process your application.   Application fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee you will be approved for adoption.  

3.   Give us 1-2 weeks to process your application. This means asking your references to expect our call and to be sure they call us back if needed in order to prevent delays. Please also call your vet and give permission for them to speak with us when we call.

GDROC retains the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason and at any stage of the application process.  We must look out for the best interest of the Danes.  We take placement very seriously.

4.   When your application has been processed, we will call you for a home visit.  

5.   Once the home visit has been completed, the Board will discuss your application and call or email you to let you know if you are approved or not.

6.  If approved, we will begin scheduling home visits with the Dane(s) of interest.  

7.   Once we have found a Dane who is a match for your family, you will be required to sign an Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee before the Dane is turned over to you.




1.   To provide a loving indoor home for your new companion.

2.    To provide quality food, medical care, and obedience classes (if required).

3.   After adoption, you will receive follow-up calls to see how your Dane is doing.  Please return these calls.

4.   If you are interested in volunteering with our organization after adoption, you are most welcome and encouraged to do so.  Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn more about your new companion and share in our love of the breed.  We need volunteers to help at public events, to foster, to help with fundraising, etc.




Please be sure you have read the above requirements for adoption.